steam_ugc_query_set_cloud_filename_filter(ugc_query_handle , match_cloud_filename);

参数 描述
ugc_query_handle The query handle to use.
match_cloud_filename Sets whether the UGC item file name should match or not.

返回: 布尔值


This function can be used to further filter any given UGC query, specifically to check and see if a Workshop item file name must match or not. The query handle is the value returned when you created the query (using, for example, steam_ugc_create_query_user()) and the second argument is either true or false depending on whether you require the file names to match. The function will return true if the query filter was correctly set, or false otherwise.


var query_handle = steam_ugc_create_query_all(ugc_query_RankedByVote, ugc_match_Items, 1);
steam_ugc_query_set_cloud_filename_filter(query_handle, true);
steam_ugc_query_add_excluded_tag(query_handle, "nasty chips");
steam_ugc_query_set_return_long_description(query_handle, true);
steam_ugc_query_set_allow_cached_response(query_handle, true);
query_ID = steam_ugc_send_query(query_handle);

The above code creates a query request and stores it's handle in a local variable for future use in the rest of the functions which further define the query request before sending the query.