steam_ugc_create_query_user(list_type, match_type, sort_order, page);

参数 描述
list_type The type of data list to create (see constants listed below).
match_type The type of UGC items to query (see constants listed below).
sort_order The way that the data should be ordered (see constants listed below).
page The page number to query.

Returns: Query Handle


This function can be used to query the UGC data base. The function automatically uses the default ID for the app, user and assumes that the query is being done by the consumer (rather than the creator). The function requires you to use the following constants for the type of data to query, the type of item to query and the order in which the returned items will be sorted, as well as a page number - note that a query will return a maximum number of 50 items.

List Type Constant 描述
ugc_list_Published See the Steam Documentation.
ugc_list_VotedOn -
ugc_list_VotedUp -
ugc_list_VotedDown -
ugc_list_WillVoteLater -
ugc_list_Favorited -
ugc_list_Subscribed -
ugc_list_UsedOrPlayed -
ugc_list_Followed -
Match Type Constant 描述
ugc_match_Items See the Steam Documentation.
ugc_match_Items_Mtx -
ugc_match_Items_ReadyToUse -
ugc_match_Collections -
ugc_match_Artwork -
ugc_match_Videos -
ugc_match_Screenshots -
ugc_match_AllGuides -
ugc_match_WebGuides -
ugc_match_IntegratedGuides -
ugc_match_UsableInGame -
ugc_match_ControllerBindings -
Sort Order Constant 描述
ugc_sortorder_CreationOrderDesc See the Steam Documentation.
ugc_sortorder_CreationOrderAsc -
ugc_sortorder_TitleAsc -
ugc_sortorder_LastUpdatedDesc -
ugc_sortorder_SubscriptionDateDesc -
ugc_sortorder_VoteScoreDesc -
ugc_sortorder_ForModeration -

The function returns a unique query handle value which should be stored in a variable for use in the other query functions. Note that this function only prepares the query but does not actually send it - for that you must call the function steam_ugc_send_query - and you can use further steam_ugc_query_*() functions to refine the search request before it is actually sent.


query_handle = steam_ugc_create_query_user(ugc_list_Published, ugc_match_Items, ugc_sortorder_TitleAsc, 1);

The above code creates a query request and stores it's handle in a variable for future use.