move_contact_all(dir, maxdist);

参数 描述
dir The direction to move in.
maxdist The maximum distance the object can travel (-1 or 0 a default value of 1000 pixels).

返回: N/A(无返回值)


This function will move the instance running the code a set number of pixels in the specified direction until it meets any other instance with a valid mask. You can use -1 or 0 for the maxdist being a default 1000px, ie: GameMaker Studio 2 will move the instance continually up 1000 pixels until it is out of collision.


if !place_meeting(x, y + 1, all)
   move_contact_all(270, -1);

The above code will check beneath the instance for a collision, and if there is none, then it will move it down until there is or until 1000pixels have been covered.