buffer_async_group_option(option, value);

参数 描述
option The option to set.
The value to set (can be string or real, depending on the option).

返回: N/A(无返回值)


With this function you can set some platform specific options for the buffer group being saved. The options available are as follows:

IMPORTANT - This function is currently only valid for the PSVita, PS4 and XBox One target modules. On all the other targets it will do nothing.


buffer_async_group_option("showdialog", false);
buffer_async_group_option("slottitle", "Catch The Haggis Save");
buffer_async_group_option("subtitle", "All your haggis are saved here!");
save = buffer_save_async(buff, "Player_Save.sav", 0, 16384);

The above code starts a buffer group then sets the group options before it sets 4 files to save asynchronously. The group definition is then ended (at which point saving will begin).