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This function finishes the definition of a buffer save group. You must have previously called the function buffer_async_group_begin() to initiate the group, then call the function buffer_save_async() for each file that you wish to save out. Finally you call this function, which will start the saving of the files. The function will return a unique ID value for the save, which can then be used in the Asynchronous Save event to


The buffer_async_group_end() function can be called from any event, and since it is asynchronous the callback can be almost instantaneous or could take several seconds. Calling the function is simple and would look something like this:

save1 = buffer_save_async(buff1, "Player_Save1.sav", 0, 16384);
save2 = buffer_save_async(buff2, "Player_Save2.sav", 0, 16384);
save3 = buffer_save_async(buff3, "Player_Save3.sav", 0, 16384);
save4 = buffer_save_async(buff4, "Player_Save4.sav", 0, 16384);
save_id = buffer_async_group_end();

The above code starts a buffer group then sets it to save out 4 files asynchronously. The group definition is then ended (at which point saving will begin), storing the ID of the function call in the variable "save_id". When the save is complete, the asynchronous Save/Load event will be triggered and you can parse the async_load map for the correct ID of the function, like this:

if ds_map_find_value(async_load, "id") == saveid
   if ds_map_find_value(async_load, "status") == false
      show_debug_message("Save failed!");

The above code will first check the id of the ds_map that has been created, then check the status of the callback, posting a debug message if there has been any issues.