steam_ugc_set_item_content(ugc_update_handle, content);

参数 描述
ugc_update_handle The unique handle for the UGC to be updated.
content The content (a path) to be used for the item.

返回: 布尔值


This function will set the content path to be used for the given item, and it should be a relative path to the folder which contains the content files to upload - which in turn should be in the save are or the game bundle (ie: an included file). The update handle is the value returned when you called the function steam_ugc_start_item_update. The function will return true if the API was successfully accessed and false if there was an issue.


var app_id = steam_get_app_id();
var updateHandle = steam_ugc_start_item_update(app_id, global.Publish_ID);
steam_ugc_set_item_title(updateHandle, "My workshop item(3)!");
steam_ugc_set_item_description( updateHandle, "testing workshop...");
steam_ugc_set_item_visibility(updateHandle, ugc_visibility_public);
var tagArray;
tagArray[0] = "Test";
tagArray[1] = "New";
steam_ugc_set_item_tags(updateHandle, tagArray);
steam_ugc_set_item_preview(updateHandle, "promo.jpg");
steam_ugc_set_item_content(updateHandle, "WorkshopContent1");
requestId = steam_ugc_submit_item_update(updateHandle, "Version 1.2");

The above code gets the game ID, then uses that along with a previously stored published file ID to generate an update handle for the item. This handle is then used to update various pieces of information before the update is pushed to the Workshop servers.