steam_ugc_get_item_update_progress(ugc_update_handle, info_map);

参数 描述
ugc_update_handle The unique handle for the UGC to be updated.
info_map A (previously created) DS map index.

返回: 布尔值


This function can be used to track the update status for an item. You give the item handle (as returned by the function steam_ugc_start_item_update) and an empty DS map which will then be populated with the following key/value pairs:

  1. "status_code" - The Steam status code

  2. "status_string" - A string for the current status

  3. "bytes_processed" - The bytes processed so far

  4. "bytes_total" - The total number of bytes in the update

If there is an error the function will return false and the map will be empty, otherwise the function returns true.


var uploadMap = ds_map_create();
steam_ugc_get_item_update_progress(global.itemHandle, uploadMap);
var statusCode = uploadMap[? "status_code"];
var status = uploadMap[? "status_string"];
var processed = uploadMap[? "bytes_processed"];
var total = uploadMap[? "bytes_total"];
draw_text(32, 0, "Upload info for item:" + string(global.itemHandle));
draw_text(32, 15, "status code:" + string(statusCode));
draw_text(32, 30, "status:" + string(status));
draw_text(32, 45, "bytes processed:" +string(processed));
draw_text(32, 60, "bytes total:" + string( total));

The above code will query the upload status of the item indexed in the global variable "itemHandle", using a ds_map to store the information. This is then parsed and the resulting values drawn to the screen.