steam_ugc_create_query_all(query_type, match_type, page);

参数 描述
query_type The type of query to create (see constants listed below).
match_type The type of UGC items to query (see constants listed below).
page The page number to query.

Returns: Query Handle


This function can be used to query the UGC data base using some pre-defined query types. The function requires the following constants for the type of query to create, the type of item to query and the page number to query - note that a query will return a maximum number of 50 items.

Query Type Constant 描述
ugc_query_RankedByVote See the Steam Documentation.
ugc_query_RankedByPublicationDate -
ugc_query_AcceptedForGameRankedByAcceptanceDate -
ugc_query_RankedByTrend -
ugc_query_FavoritedByFriendsRankedByPublicationDate -
ugc_query_CreatedByFriendsRankedByPublicationDate -
ugc_query_RankedByNumTimesReported -
ugc_query_CreatedByFollowedUsersRankedByPublicationDate -
ugc_query_NotYetRated -
ugc_query_RankedByTotalVotesAsc -
ugc_query_RankedByVotesUp -
ugc_query_RankedByTextSearch -
Match Type Constant 描述
ugc_match_Items See the Steam Documentation.
ugc_match_Items_Mtx -
ugc_match_Items_ReadyToUse -
ugc_match_Collections -
ugc_match_Artwork -
ugc_match_Videos -
ugc_match_Screenshots -
ugc_match_AllGuides -
ugc_match_WebGuides -
ugc_match_IntegratedGuides -
ugc_match_UsableInGame -
ugc_match_ControllerBindings -

The function returns a unique query handle value which should be stored in a variable for use in the other query functions. Note that this function only prepares the query but does not actually send it - for that you must call the function steam_ugc_send_query - and you can use further steam_ugc_query_*() functions to refine the search request before it is actually sent.


query_handle = steam_ugc_create_query_all(ugc_query_RankedByVote, ugc_match_Items, 1);

The above code creates a general query request and stores it's handle in a variable for future use.