steam_set_stat_float(stat_name, value);

参数 描述
stat_name The name of the statistic to set (a string).
The value (a 32bit float) to set the stat to.

返回: N/A(无返回值)


With this function you can set a specific statistic to a new, floating point, value. The statistic should have been previously defined on the Steamworks control panel accounts page for your game and the string that is passed to the function should match that used as the API Name on the control panel. Examples of when you could use this are for tracking how far your player has travelled, or what percentage of the game is complete.


var dist_pc = (dist / dist_max) * 100;
steam_set_stat_float("Travelled", dist_pc);

The above code calculates a percentage based on the distance travelled variable "dist" and the maximum distance you can travel "dist_max" and then sets the stat "Travelled" to the new value.