参数 描述
steamID The unique Steam ID for a user.

返回: Real(实数)


This function can be used to retrieve the user name (screen name) for any specific user ID. You give the user ID then the function returns a unique async ID value which can be used to check the details correctly in the Steam Async event. This event will have the async_load DS map which will be populated with the following key/value pairs:

  1. "id" - 触发事件的函数返回的异步 ID

  2. "event_type" - The string "user_persona_name"

  3. "steamid"" - The Steam ID value used to get the user name.

  4. "persona_name" - The user name for the given Steam ID


request = steam_get_user_persona_name(global.UGC_UserID);

The above code will request the user name of the user ID stored in the global variable "UGC_UserID", storing the returned value in a variable for parsing in the Async Event.