参数 描述
lb_name The name of the leaderboard that you are downloading the scores from (a string).

返回: Real(实数)


With this function you can retrieve only the scores on the leaderboard that belong to those people that are marked as "friends" in the Steam client. So, if your leaderboard has 200 entries, and 50 of them are your friends, this function will retrieve only those 50 results. The leaderboard name is a string that was defined when you created the leaderboard using the function steam_create_leaderboard, and the function will return a value which can then be used to identify the call-back in the Steam Async Event, or it will return -1 if it has failed.


score_get = steam_download_friends_scores("Game Scores");

This will send off a request to the Steam Server for the users friends scores from the given leaderboard and will store the async id of the request in the variable "score_get". This will then be handled in the Steam Async Event, as shown in the Extended Example for steam_download_scores.