steam_activate_overlay_user(dialog_name, steamid);

参数 描述
dialog_name The dialogue to open the overlay on (see below).
steamid The Steam user ID or group ID to use.

返回: N/A(无返回值)


This function will open the Steam overlay to one of the chosen dialogues relating to the user ID given. The possible dialogue strings available are:


var key = keyboard_lastkey;
switch (key)
   case vk_f1: steam_activate_overlay_user("steamid", global.GameGroupID); break;
   case vk_f2: steam_activate_overlay_user("chat", global.FriendID); break;

The above code polls the last keyboard key pressed and if it is function key 1 or function key 2, it will open the Steam overlay to either see the Steam group stored in the global variable "GamegroupID", or it will open the chat window to chat with the user stored in the global "FriendID" variable.