This function can be used to set a given set of tiledata to flip the tile or not. You give the tiledata, which can be retrieved using the function tilemap_get, and then set the flip argument to either true if you want the tile flipped, or false if you want the tile to be in its default, un-flipped state. The function will return a modified tiledata set which can then be applied using the tilemap_set function.


tile_set_flip(tiledata, flip)


参数 描述
tiledata the tiledata to set
flip Set to true to flip and false to leave it as-is


Real (tiledata)


var lay_id = layer_get_id("Tiles_sky");
var map_id = layer_tilemap_get_id(lay_id);
var mx = tilemap_get_cell_x_at_pixel(map_id, mouse_x, mouse_y);
var my = tilemap_get_cell_y_at_pixel(map_id, mouse_x, mouse_y);
var data = tilemap_get(map_id, mx, my);
var bool = !tile_get_flip(data);
data = tile_set_flip(data, bool);
tilemap_set(map_id, data, mx, my);

The above code gets the tilemap ID from the given layer and then gets the x and y cell position for the tile under the mouse. This position is then used to get the tiledata which is flipped and then used to set the tile again.