This function can be used to move a given instance from the layer it is currently on to another layer. You supply the layer ID (which you get when you create the layer using layer_create()) or the layer name (as a string - this will have a performance impact) and the instance ID of the instance to move between layers. For example, say your player is on a layer that is at a lower depth than another layer and you want it to appear behind the layers between the two. You can use this function to switch the player from the foreground layer to the background layer and make it appear behind the other layers being drawn.

NOTE: This function cannot be used to add a new instance to a layer. You must have created the instance previously and stored its ID to a variable.


layer_add_instance(layer_id, instance_id)


参数 描述
layer_id The unique ID value of the instance layer to target (or the layer name as a string)
instance_id The unique instance ID value of the instance to move over to the target layer




var near = instance_nearest(x, y, obj_Tree);
var layer_id = layer_get_id("Instances Front");
layer_add_instance(layer_id, near);

The above code will first get the index of the nearest instance to the given x/y position and store it in a local variable. It then gets the unique instance layer ID for the layer named "Instances Front", and moves the found instance onto that layer.

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