Joins two paths together.


path_append(index, path);

参数 描述
index The new index of the path.
path The index of the path that will be appended to 'index'.

返回: N/A(无返回值)


With this code you can append one path onto another one, effectively joining them together, and for this to work, both paths must previously exist (either made in the path editor or created using path_add).

NOTE: This will not remove the path being appended from the resources. It is still there, only it now has no points in it and if you no longer wish to use it you should remove it with the function path_delete.


path_append(mypath, mppath); path_delete(mppath);

The above code appends the path data indexed in the variable "mppath" to the path indexed in the variable "mypath" and then deletes the "mppath" from memory.

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