network_create_server_raw(type, port, max_client);

参数 描述
type 要创建的服务器类型(详见以下常量表)。
port 服务端所使用的端口。
max_client 一次性能连接客户端的最大数量。

返回: Real(实数)


This function is used to create a new network server for your game, using one of the permitted connection protocols (see the constants listed below). You supply the server type, then give it a port to use, and finally the number of maximum connections that should be permitted at any one time to the server (note that this number is up to you, but too many connected clients will saturate the network or the device CPU won�t be able to handle the processing of that number of players, so use with care). The function returns a unique id which should be used stored in a variable and used to identify the server in all further network functions, or a value of less than 0 if the connection fails.

常量 描述
network_socket_tcp 使用TCP协议创建一个网络套接字。
network_socket_udp 使用UDP协议创建一个网络套接字。
network_socket_bluetooth 创建一个蓝牙套接字(尚不可用!

As this creates a "raw" server, it will not accept nor use any of the built in GameMaker data headers for communitation, and so you should be using the functions network_send_raw and network_send_udp_raw() to send unformatted data to the server created.


var port = 6510;
server = network_create_server_raw(network_socket_tcp, port, 32);
while (server < 0 && port < 65535)
   server = network_create_server(network_socket_tcp, port, 32);