move_outside_solid(dir, maxdist);

参数 描述
dir The direction to move in.
maxdist The maximum distance the object can travel (-1 or 0 a default value of 1000 pixels).

返回: N/A(无返回值)


With this function you can tell an instance to move out of a collision with any instance flagged as solid in any direction and any number of pixels each step, with a value of -1 or 0 for the maxdist being a default 1000px, ie: GameMaker Studio 2 will move the instance continually up 1000 pixels until it is out of collision.


if other.solid
   var pdir;
   pdir = point_direction(other.x, other.y, x, y);
   move_outside_solid(pdir, -1);

The above code would go in a collision event and checks to see if the "other" instance in the collision is flagged as "solid". If it is, it will then move the instance out of collision.