mp_grid_get_cell(id, x , y);

参数 描述
id Index of the mp_grid that is to be used
x1 The x coordinate of the grid to check.
y1 The y coordinate of the grid to check.

返回: Real(实数)


With this function you can check any given cell of the mp_grid to see if it has been flagged as occupied or not, giving the index of the (previously created) mp_grid and the x an y coordinates of the cell to check. If it has been occupied or the position being checked is out of the grids bounds then the function will return -1 otherwise it will return 0.


if mp_grid_get_cell(grid, mouse_x div 16, mouse_y div 16) == -1
   image_blend = c_red;
   image_blend = c_lime;

The above code will check the mp_grid cell that corresponds to the mouse position and if it is occupied it sets the image_blend variable to red, and if it is not occupied it sets it to green.