This function returns a ds_map with detailed information about the OS that the game is running on. The exact information returned will depend on the OS and the device. Note that the ds_map is not automatically cleared from memory and you should use the ds_map_destroy() function when you no longer need the data it contains.

Note that on Windows Desktop and Windows UWP, you will get some extra information from DX11 with the following (useful for extensions):

NOTE: This function only works on Android, iOS, Mac, Ubuntu and Windows (Desktop + UWP), on all other target platforms it will return -1 rather than a ds_map.




Real (ds_map index)


os_map = os_get_info();
if os_map != -1
   var size, key, i;
   size = ds_map_size(os_map);
   key = ds_map_find_first(os_map);
   for (i = 0; i < size - 1; i++;)
      map_data[i] = ds_map_find_value(os_map, key);
      key = ds_map_find_next(os_map, key);

The above code will check the OS information to see if a ds_map is returned. If it is, then the code will loop through the map and assign all the values to an array.