Sets the depth of the particle system.


part_system_depth( ind, depth );

参数 描述
ind The index of the particle system to change.
depth The depth at which to set the particle system.

返回: N/A(无返回值)


With this function you can set the draw depth for the particle system, much the same as you can set the render depth of different layers within the room, where a low draw depth means that it will appear on top of all things drawn with a higher depth, and a high draw depth placing it below everything with a lower draw depth.


global.Sname = part_system_create();
part_system_depth(global.Sname, -1000 );

The above code will create a particle system and store its index in the global variable "Sname". this system is then given a low depth of -1000, meaning that it will appear above everything with a higher draw depth.

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