Clears a particle system to its default settings.



参数 描述
ind The index of the particle system to clear.

返回: N/A(无返回值)


With this function you can clear the indexed system to its default state, removing all emitters and resetting the depth and position (if they had been changed). Be careful using this function as if you have any instance setting or bursting or any other action using an emitter associated with this system, you will get an error unless you are using the part_emitter_exists function to check. There is also no need to call the part_emitter_destroy function as this is taken care of automatically too.

NOTE: this function will clear the visible particles in the room, but it does not clear the particle properties, nor does it remove them from memory. For that you should use the functions part_type_clear and part_type_destroy.



The above code will clear the particle system indexed in the global variable "Sname" to its default state.

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