Streams particles every step from the given emitter.


part_emitter_stream(ps, ind, parttype, number);

参数 描述
ps 发射器所处的粒子系统。
ind 要迸发粒子的发射器索引。
parttype 所创建的粒子索引(类型)。
number The number of particles to create per step.

返回: N/A(无返回值)


This function allows you to set an emitter to stream a specific type of particle and is typically used the create event as it is a one off code that sets the emitter to generate the number of particles specified every step of the game there-after. The particles are emitted following the distribution, shape and position set by the function part_emitter_region. You can set the number of particles being streamed to zero and call this function again to "switch off" the particle streaming, and the function will also accept negative numbers for the amount, in which case the emitter will produce particles based on random chance. For example, if you have the particle number set to -5, there is a 1:5 chance that a particle will be produced every step. Should you need the particles to appear all at once rather than every step, you should be using the function part_emitter_burst.


part_emitter_stream(global. Sname, p_emit1, p1, 1);

The above code will stream 1 particle every step of the game until the emitter is destroyed or the stream set to 0.

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