With this function you can set the mip filter mode for a given shader sampler. You supply the index value for the shader sampler (as returned by the function shader_get_sampler_index(), and then one of the mode value constants listed below.

常量 描述
tf_point This means that blending between mipmap levels is disabled, which can cause visible texture transitions, but gives the best performance.
tf_linear This means that blending between mipmap levels is enabled (this is also known as trilinear filtering), which smooths the texture transitions, but it will give a minor hit to performance.
tf_anisotropic This means that anisotropic filtering is enabled, which greatly improves texture transition quality and can reduce the blurring visible with other filtering modes, but it has the highest hit on performance.


gpu_set_tex_mip_filter_ext(sampler_index, filter);

参数 描述
sampler_index The index of the shader sampler to get.
filter The mip filter mode to use (a constant, default: tf_point).




var _sampleIndex = shader_get_sampler_index(shd_Glass, "s_Background");
var _spriteTex = sprite_get_texture(sprite_index, 0);
if gpu_get_tex_mip_filter_ext(_sampleIndex) != tf_point
    gpu_set_tex_mip_filter_ext(_sampleIndex, tf_point);
texture_set_stage(_sampleIndex , _spriteTex);

The above code sets the mip filter mode to tf_point (disabling mipmapping) for the given shader texture sampler if it has not already been set.