With this function you can retrieve the mipmap bias value for a given shader sampler. You supply the index value for the shader sampler (as returned by the function shader_get_sampler_index(), and the function will return a value of 0.0 for no bias, or a greater value where 1 equals the first mipmap, 2 equals the second mipmap etc... This controls the rate at which the mip map is swapped and will generally make the shader textures blurrier the higher the value and the greater the "distance" being viewed. Note that this can return negative values too, in which case shader textures will be sharper over a greater distance the lower the value.



参数 描述
sampler_index The index of the shader sampler to get


Real (default: 0)


var _sampleIndex = shader_get_sampler_index(shd_Glass, "s_Background");
var _spriteTex = sprite_get_texture(sprite_index, 0);
if gpu_get_tex_mip_bias_ext(_sampleIndex) != 0
    gpu_set_tex_mip_bias_ext(_sampleIndex, 0);
texture_set_stage(_sampleIndex , _spriteTex);

The above code sets the mip filter bias to 0 for the given shader texture sampler if it has not already been set to 0.