This function will load a secure saved DS map from a buffer. You must previously have loaded the buffer into memory (using buffer_load) and then passing that into this function will return a DS map populated with the contents of the buffer. Note that the buffer must have been created using the function ds_map_secure_save_buffer for this to work correctly, and also note that if the DS map being loaded contained an array, this will be converted into a DS list instead when load.

IMPORTANT! One of the features of a secure saved file is that it is locked to the device that it was created on, so you cannot load a file saved on one device into a project running on another device.



参数 描述
filename The buffer ID of the buffer to load the map data from.


Integer (DS map index)


var buff = buffer_load("save.dat");
map = ds_map_secure_load_buffer(buff);

The above code will load a securely saved ds_map from a buffer and store its index value in a variable for future use.