This function returns the last key stored in the ds_map. This is not the last key in the order that you have added them! Ds_maps are not stored in a linear form, for that use ds_lists, so all this does is find the last key as stored by the computer. This can be useful if your have to iterate through the ds_map looking for something, but should be avoided if possible as it can be slow.



参数 描述
id The id of the map to use.


Real or String


var size, key, i;
size = ds_map_size(inventory);
key = ds_map_find_last(inventory);
for (i = size; i > 0; i--;)
   if key != "gold" key = ds_map_find_previous(inventory, key) else break;

The above code creates some temporary variables and then gets the ds_map size and finds the last key as stored by the computer in the map. It then uses a for loop to iterate back through the ds_map looking for the key value "gold". If it finds it, it breaks out the loop.