With this function you can set a circular region of a grid to a certain value. You need to supply a starting grid cell (as an x and y axis coordinate) as well as the radius of the disk to set and the value that you wish to set the disk too, as shown by the illustration below:


ds_grid_set_disk(index, xm, ym, r, val);

参数 描述
index 栅格的索引
xm 栅格内圆盘区域x位置。
ym 栅格内圆盘区域的y位置。
r 栅格中圆盘的半径
val The value to set with the cells within the disk.




ds_grid_set_disk(grid, ds_grid_width(grid) div 2, ds_grid_height(grid) div 2, 5, -4)

The above code will set a circular region with a radius of 5 cells in the ds_grid indexed in the variable "grid" to a value of -4.