buffer_copy_from_vertex_buffer(vertex_buffer, start_vertex, num_vertices, dest_buffer, dest_offset);

参数 描述
vertex_buffer The index of the vertex buffer to copy from.
start_vertex The starting vertex.
num_vertices The total number of vertices to use.
dest_buffer The index of the buffer to copy to.
dest_offset The offset position to copy the data to (in bytes).

返回: N/A(无返回值)


This function can be used to copy some (or all) of the vertex data stored in one vertex buffer into a previously created regular buffer. When copying from a vertex buffer into a regular buffer with this function, both buffers must have previously been created (using the vertex_create_buffer() and buffer_create functions, for example). You can specify the range of vertex data that you wish to copy into the buffer, where the start vertex can be anywhere between 0 and the number of vertices -1, and you can give the number of vertices from that point on to copy. You can use the function vertex_get_number() on the vertex buffer to get the total number of vertices stored. Finally you give the buffer index to copy the vertex data into, as well as a data offset to define the position to copy the vertex data to in the destination buffer.


var v_num = vertex_get_number(model_buff); buffer_copy_from_vertex_buffer(model_buffer, 0, v_num - 1, player_buffer, 0);

The above code will copy the vertex data stored in the vertex buffer indexed in the variable "model_buffer", and then paste it into the buffer indexed in the variable "player_buffer".