With this function you can change the orientation of the listener within the 3D audio space. The look at direction and up direction are based on the vectors that are resolved from the given relative x, y and z positions, and default to (0, 0, 1000) for the look at direction and (0, 1, 0) for the up direction, as shown in the illustration below:

NOTE: if you have multiple listeners you should use the function audio_listener_set_orientation.

Changing the listener orientation with this function will change how sound created by audio emitters around the game room are perceived by the player of your game. In the example below, sounds created by the emitter when the listener is at the default position would appear to be coming from below and to the right of the listener, but with the new position and orientation of the listener they will now be perceived as coming from above and to the right.


audio_listener_orientation(lookat_x, lookat_y, lookat_z, up_x, up_y, up_z);

参数 描述
lookat_x The x look vector (default 0).
lookat_y The y look vector (default 0).
lookat_z The z look vector (default 1000).
up_x The x up vector (default 0).
up_y The y up vector (default 1).
up_z The z up vector (default 0).




xt = x + cos(degtorad(direction));
yt = y - sin(degtorad(direction));
zt = z - sin(degtorad(zdirection));
d3d_set_projection(x, y, z, xt, yt, zt, 0, 0, 1);
audio_listener_position(x, y, z)
audio_listener_orientation(xt, yt, zt, 0, 0, 1)

The above code use three variables to set the 3D camera projection and the 3D audio listener position and orientation too.