facebook_post_message(title, caption, message, picture_url, redirect_url, actionname, action_url)

参数 描述
title The "name" of the link.
caption The caption of the link (appears beneath the link name).
message The message to include with the post.
picture_url A link to the picture included with this post.
redirect_url The link attached to this post.
actionname An action to be applied for this post.
action_url The link to use for the above action.




This function will posts a message direct to the user feed (ie, a �/me/feed� post to the facebook graph API ) . You give the name and the caption as well as a message and image to include, then the url to link to. The last two arguments, "actionname" and "actionurl" are optional and can either be left as empty strings ("") or they can be set to one of the permitted Facebook actions, like commenting or liking, in which case you should also supply an appropriate URL (for more information see Facebook Developers Api Post).

NOTE: There is no Facebook dialogue displayed for this function as the post is sent �silently� without user interaction. For this reason, you must have requested the correct permissions on login ("publish_actions").

NOTE: The user must be logged in for the message post to function.


if mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left)
   facebook_post_message("Catch The Haggis", "MacSweeneygames.com", "I just got a hi-score playing Catch The Haggis!", "http://MacSweeneygames.com/Clown.jpg", "http://MacSweeneygames.com/CatchTheHaggis.html", "", "");

The above code will silently post a message to the users wall feed.